Why Age Wise?

Aging is inevitable. Wisdom is not. But if we open our minds, embrace science, and put reasonable intention and effort into our daily decisions, relationships and ongoing behaviors, the best time of our lives starts today. Age Wise will help you cultivate the key physical, mental and emotional ingredients in a recipe for greater health and happiness.

This newsletter is all about the science of growing healthier and happier.

Sure, life is hard. Stressful, painful and even bewildering at times. But you’ve gotten this far, so let’s celebrate today, look forward to tomorrow, and get excited about our potential for better days. Through Age Wise, we will explore healthy, happy aging together. 

What to expect

Every Tuesday, you’ll learn something new based on my synthesis of the latest health research and well-established scientific evidence, interviews with experts, and some unapologetic debunking of myths and misinformation. Beyond informative and motivational reads, you’ll get actionable advice you can apply to your life right now, today—no matter how old you are—to improve your physical, mental and emotional well-being.

About me

While I’ve been on this planet for only six decades, three of them have been spent researching and reporting on science and health. I’m the former editor-in-chief of Live Science, author of the book Make Sleep Your Superpower, and a regular contributor on Medium (full bio).

I’m a skeptical optimist. I believe we can all do better, and I put my trust in science while acknowledging that, like you and me, it’s never perfect, always evolving, and sometimes—oops—totally off its rocker. I sift through studies new and old to find the good, the bad and the questionable. I talk to the experts. Then I boil it all down into concise, accurate, readable takeaways that reflect both what’s known and what’s not.

Full disclosure: I’m as imperfect as any human, constantly looking for ways to live better, feel better, and be better. As I see it, if we want to live a long and good life, there are always ways big and small to optimize our chances. We can just get old, or we can age wisely.

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The science of growing healthier and happier


Robert Roy Britt
Health & science writer. Independent journalist covering wellness on Medium, and author of "Make Sleep Your Superpower: A Guide to Greater Health, Happiness & Productivity." Former editor-in-chief of Live Science and Space.com.